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When a Guy Says He is Sexually Frustrated

When a guy says he is sexually frustrated he is trying to say that he is sexually deprived or having a lack of satisfaction from his partner or wife. Sex is more than just a thing to enjoy; its association with the mind is massive.  For example, if you are not mentally prepared for having sex you won’t be able to perform in bed. 

When you get the opportunity to perform sex the most crucial aspect is that your body and mind get in sync with each other. A period comes in every guy’s life when he has no partner and he gets sexual frustration, or sex gets boring and unwanted to a certain level that the guy becomes sexually frustrated.  

There are multiple reasons for reaching the frustrating level of sex; we are going to discuss everything here regarding when a guy says he is sexually frustrated. Let’s go into this serious topic step by step. 

What is sexual frustration?  

Let’s understand what sexually frustrated means. This could be a new term for many of us, even though some of you may be going through this condition but unaware of what to call it. Some men don’t get the idea that their changed behavior, mood swings, or frustration is related to sex. 

If we have to define sexual frustration we can say, if you are not able to be involved in a sexual activity but are extremely aroused, or if you are involved in a sexual activity but not getting the desired satisfaction from that activity.  

So here, we can say that sexual frustration occurs through:  

  • Sexual inactivity 

  • Sexually unsatisfied activity

In both these conditions, a man is mentally not satisfied and if any of these situations persist, over a period it develops into frustration.  

Sexually frustrated man 

Why do guys get sexually frustrated and what does sexually frustrated mean, you will be able to understand these questions through understanding the different types of sexual frustration. 

1.      Single and sexually frustrated 

Imagine a guy, a young adult who is living alone, not having a girlfriend or partner. Sex is one thing that comes naturally to every human or per se living being. You just can’t stay away long without being physically intimate, you need a partner to fulfill your sexual desires and dreams.

Masturbating is an option but it won’t work for a long time and just cannot replace an actual physical relationship. Going the prostitution is risky health-wise and not practical on finance and ethical grounds.

This same situation also arises for someone who had a breakup or divorced and now living as a single. 

2.      Sexually frustrated husband 

A husband who is not getting the desired satisfaction from sexual activities with his spouse can develop sexual frustration over time. There are various circumstances and conditions; you cannot blame anyone for this issue. Maybe the husband is not supported by his wife because he is not doing his duties as a husband properly so on and so forth.

For a husband this condition can arise due to a long-distance relationship as well, meaning both couples are living in different cities for their respective career.  

3.      Sexually frustrated in a relationship 

If a relationship is not healthy then sexual activities stop and in this condition, a husband can develop sexual frustration

If there are tremors in a relationship both couples may likely keep physical distance though living in the same house. If a wife or partner has health issues and a physical relationship is abandoned. 

There could be a health issue that a man is going through, thus, he is unable to perform sexual activities. 

Causes of sexual frustration   


From the discussion so far we conclude that the causes of sexual frustration can be: 

  • Loneliness or Lack of a partner 

  • Dissatisfaction from sexual activities with partner 

  • Too many/unpractical expectations 

  • Health issues 

  • Long distance relationship 

  • Relationship issues 

What happens when a man is sexually deprived or frustrated?  

A sexually deprived or frustrated man will:  

Lose control over his behavior  

Getting angry about small things, not giving respect, or lack of patience are some of the very common symptoms that can be seen when someone loses control over his behavior. In extreme conditions, a guy can be asked for sexual accompany in public by any woman or attempt a physical assault.

Encounter with mood swings 

Good and bad moods occur so quickly that people get sick of the guy. A very small incident can create havoc for this kind of person and it becomes difficult for him to make a day to day work decisions. 

Faces a lack of concentration 

The lack of sex or sexual dissatisfaction becomes so high that they cannot think of anything else. It creates a lack of concentration in all the things big or small and deprivation in a career starts with that family, friends, and other social circle start neglecting the guy.

Creates relationship issues directly or indirectly

Relationship with family members or relationships with a partner or wife is bound to be in danger if a man is sexually frustrated. Sex is the center of his thoughts throughout the day and he is getting angry, thus, hurting the egos of everyone associated. 

The cumulative effect of all these issues can affect his career   

Career growth is a past thing for someone sexually frustrated because he is unable to think straight and just one thing is coming on top of his mind. All the above effects cumulatively put a guy in a situation where he is going to make mistakes at this workplace and going to see a downside career-wise. 

Friends and family will start keeping their distance 

If a man starts staring at a girl in public or attempts a physical assault his social respect is gone forever, and friends and family are going to keep a big distance from him.

Depression like condition leads to suicidal thoughts   

Sexual frustration may lead to depression and that will create suicidal thoughts, treatment at the right time is the best way forward.

How to deal with sexual frustration as a man? 

Take it easy: 

It is not the end if you are not getting sex or desired satisfaction through sex. Communication can play a huge role, go talk to the people you might find a partner. Build a friendship and convert it into a relationship. If you are a husband or already in a relationship communicate with your partner that you are not getting satisfaction from their sexual activity. Your partner will understand and you can make some changes and get satisfaction.

It is periodic: 

It has come than it can go to; sexual dissatisfaction is not going to stay here all your life. All days are not the same; from time to time you have to evolve and make your partner evolve. Make an effort to find a partner.  

There is a solution:  

There is professional help available; there are treatments, and medications that will help you so no need to get frustrated.


When a guy says he is sexually frustrated, he is trying to say his condition is out of hand both mental and physical, this is the time the guy should seek treatment, why don’t you start to talk with your friend or someone you are close to? The next step would be to go to your health provider, you must know that Sexual frustration in men is treatable.

There are two ways of sexual frustrations: inactivity and dissatisfaction with activity. Understand your condition and work accordingly. But rather than letting the sexual frustration take you over you take over and get back to normalcy. 

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