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How often do married couples have sex by age?

We should know one thing is obvious: sex is essential in every relationship between couples, even though a sexless life is worthless, and there is no use for it. Therefore, whenever couples want to have sex so, they need to be open-minded, and no stress comes between the two persons. However, sex is essential in a couple’s life permanently and every time, but it needs to be understood how many people can devote time to a sexual relationship according to age. Here, we will explore everything about sex life.

Factors That Affect How Often Married Couples Have Sex

It is seen when the relationship gets older, so the sexual stamina keeps reducing according to age, which affects the married couple’s life. According to the survey, around 25% of couples have sex weekly; it is reported that around 15% of duos have a sexual activity just two to three times every week. 7% of couples have had sex four or more times every week. 17% of couples had sexual performance in a month, 18% had sexual performance three times in a month, around 11% of couples had sex in the past years, and then lastly, 7% of couples have performed sex twice in the previous year. There are several factors are responsible for affecting married couple’s sex, and they include:

Overall health of people: This is a primary factor that affects your sex life. Taking medications and having health problems can affect your sex life. Like, people can go through specific hormonal changes throughout pregnancy, the menstruation cycle, and also menopause. Also, men who have less than expected testosterone have no such inclination towards sex. Taking anti-depressant drugs can also reduce the sex libido in people’s lives.

Age: Age also affects the sex life of couples, and according to age, the sexual stamina power becomes less, and this can be connected with individuals’ hormonal changes.

Relationship changes: People who have been in a relationship for a more extended period become monotonous, and as the relationship starts growing older, people also need to maintain their communication openly and talk about proper sexual needs and requirements.

Life chores: There are various things in life, such as families, workloads, family responsibilities, and everyday chores that leave people getting too tired and inattentive. However, at that time, couples found it beneficial to fix date nights and then maintain their relationships.

Do Couples Have Sex Less Or More According To Age Group?

As mentioned above, according to specific age levels, the sex between couples is reduced, and they are less prone to have sexual performances. Furthermore, people at a young age are interested in having sex many times with their partners. Still, when they reach middle age so, it is found that sexual abilities are a little low, and even as they have sex weekly, not like usual sexual intimacy. But when they come to the level of half of their ages in 45 to 50 years so, sex in couples is rarer, and hardly sex with their partners and it takes at least a month or two months to have sex.

How often do married couples make love?

Often, married couples reach their middle ages, so the sex drive between men and women continues to decline. Still, some couples have strong stamina in doing sexual activity. They can easily cope with each other when they reach a certain age; therefore, many things change and turn out to be critical according to age. But things can be maintained easily when people reach the age given below:

Adults in Their 20s and 30s

Adults in their 20 to 30 years of age have sexual stimulation almost daily in their lives.

At this young age, the power of sex stamina is at a higher level always, so they don’t leave any reason behind having sex. Also, the stress level is very low at this young age, and the blood flowing into the private parts of the people is pretty raised.

Adults in Their 40s

Adults enter at 40 years of age, so the sexual performances in couples are not per day, but at least a week they do it. They pretty much engage in sexual activity almost once or twice every week; at least 20% of people are indulged in weekly sex.

Adults in Their 50s

People 50 years older have very rare sex with their partners, and almost they are engaged in sexual activity once in a few months. Sometimes, they don’t have sex, and life goes without sexual arousal. Sometimes, they have sex in 3 to 6 months.

Adults in Their 60s and 70s

Adults in Their 60s and 70s years of age have no sex stamina most times; they even forget about sex because not only anxiety or stress in life but too many diseases surround them, so they have to take several oral medications that deprive them of sexual activity.

How Often Do Married Couples Have Sex?

As per the study, married couples have sex around 69% of the time per year, or sometimes it is pretty higher. With unmarried couples, the married duos under 30 years of age have sexual performance 100 times per year. In a survey, around 27% of couples move towards sexual activities once a week or sometimes twice a month.

When One Partner Wants More Sex than the Other Partner?

The essential things that depend on the individual are age and other certain factors. One partner needs sex when they are free from all burdens in life, along with the features and behaviors of the opposite sex getting attracted to each other. Also, communication is vital in couples, and this also impresses your partners to indulge in sex. If you are loyal and faithful, that also helps in pulling the attention of the partners to another one.


This way, we find that age matters in having sex with partners, and apart from this, sex life is affected by various things such as poor communication, poor body image, stress or anxiety, poor sex arousal, waiting for sexual activity, and many more. Like this, people who are inclined towards sex should make sure they are appropriately engaged in sexual performances.

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