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What size penis do women prefer?

For some women the penis size matters and for some other size doesn’t matter as they are happy in average penis size of men while the sexual intercourse with partner. But at some point it is important to know exact points about the size of men’s penis and what actually they like here we will talk about the details of this matter.

What size penis women prefer?

It doesn’t matter what exactly type and size of penis women prefer although, what woman likes that looks very passionate. As per survey, women like a bit larger than average penis size that comes between 5-inches to 6.4 inches and also the 6 inches erect penis comes with 4.3 perimeters is what they want throughout long-term relationships. However, women sometimes prefer average penis size in men while some want larger.

Even though, when it comes about specific numbers of penis size, so, most women look for 2.8 to 3.9 inches that comes with flabby length, also, an exact penis size of men comes with an average 4.7 to 6.3 inches in length. Even though, as average erect limits of penis size comes with 4.7 inches.

Women sometimes get panic during sexual arousal process and at that time they have no idea how to exactly find the right position. If it’s tough for you to maintain full intensity during sex. Consider trying an ED medication such as Cenforce 100.

However, men prefer right size of penis and once you choose the right penis size and they say in some reviews like:

  • For me, size always matters and in that way people says that I mostly prefer 3 or 4 inch cock within them. As the right penis size for men is 7 inches to 8 inches.

  • Other women say as size of penis doesn’t matter for me because I just want to get fucked with partners. Just prefer the right size of penis as this penis size provides men an exact sexual relation with partners.

Some women don’t like too long penis size while doing sex with partners as they practice the kegal exercise that is perfect for them to handle men with any penis size.

Some women comment as the size is perfect and it is a great benefit for us and they enjoy a lot while doing sex with spouses with big size of men’s penis.

30% women tell that they even like 5 inches of penis size that is nice for them and with this size they are comfortable always.

40% women say that it depends on the loyalty of women and if they are honest for their sex so, size never matters anymore. The guys should be very trusted, loyal and faithful during sexual activity at all times.

Most women have no problems for penis size because they can adjust with average penis size although, it is important for them to at least women should feel comfortable with guys during sexual stimulation process.

The women who are satisfied with men so, they won’t have any issue for penis size, the penis size must be very not too long or not too small at all.

When it comes to sex so, as per medical news around 37.5% of women told that they exactly required clitoral spur to get to orgasm throughout the sex and around 35% added that they even don’t require clitoral stimulation, it completely augmented their sexual experience.

How to increase penis size naturally

At the same time men are sometimes unhappy with their penis size and it is too small so, research says that the penis size can be increased naturally. There are many options to increase the penis size of men like they can use invasive, surgical procedure, oral medications such as Fildena which leads to small size increases.

However, despite of getting upset about penis size, you must pay attention on how to obtain the boosted penis size naturally. There are several benefits the penis size the women love because large penis penetrates more and provides more enjoyment during sexual intimacy. It is best way to experience perfect sex with partners if the penis size is already big in size.

Every woman has different opinion towards the penis size of men and they prefer average or sometimes too long penis size in men. However, when it comes to penis size so, they love around 5 inches to 7 inches penis size among men.

This way, women always love in fall with guys or want to have sex as they have an average men’s penis. On the other hand, it depends on men and women how they would like to have sex with each other. Here, the things matter for sex not only penis size but loyalty and trust are the most important thing that every man and woman wants.

Hence, when men think that penis size is not finally perfect what actually it should be so, they need to choose the right men’s penis size whereas, men can enhance the penis size with Vidalista 20 or doing exercise related to the penis enhancement process.

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