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Tips For getting harder and stronger erections in bed

Suppose you aren’t happy with your erection. Then you may not be all alone because ED is a widespread problem found among the men in America. Around 80 million men in the US alone are suffering from ED. Various causes like health-related problems, relationship issues, financial stress, etc. that can cause ED. 

Talking to your partner, making necessary changes in your lifestyle, or forming new habits that may help you overcome this medical condition. If you are looking for some quick & faster recovery, then medicine is the only way. Medicines like Tadarise and Malegra can help you tackle this problem.

Start Talking with your partner.

Talking to your partner is the only way to know precisely what you are failing & sharing. If you have anxiety, border, or peer pressure, you can discuss it with your partner. It may be possible that you may be dissatisfied with your current sex life and want to spice up things.

There is nothing wrong with this; the only precaution you must take is to avoid things that your partner does not like or want. You can try new sex positions like doggy style or keep your partner’s leg close together or crossed to tighten the virginal canal. You may also try various sex toys like vibrators, penis rings, anal beads, etc. Foreplays often come in handy to build excitement, and you can use your mouth to create excitement.

Changing lifestyle

If things still do not work out very well, you can adjust your lifestyle. The first step is to shift your eating routines. If you eat more processed food rich in saturated fat, it’s time to change towards a healthy and balanced diet like the Mediterranean diet that supports ED.

You can include nuts, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and olive oil in your diet. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes. You can occasionally consume meat and dairy, as alcohol hurts your sexual performance. Smoking also prohibits blood flow by harming your heart and blood vessels.

Sleeping disorders have severe impacts on sexual dysfunctions, and it affects your testosterone level, which impacts your sex life. If you are having trouble sleeping, then it is advised that you should consult a certified health professional to get rid of this problem as soon as possible. You may also ask him how to improve the level of your testosterone.        

Pelvic- floor muscles have a more significant role in sexual activities. Releasing and contracting your pelvic floor muscles can help you get a rigid and firm erection. You can do this through kegel exercise, also known as penis rehabilitation.

Regular Exercise

Blood flow is the key element that causes a healthy erection, and it improves your body structure and helps build nitric oxide, which is vital in maintaining erections. So, if you have erectile dysfunction, aerobic exercises can be beneficial.

Drink Coffee

According to the research done through the University of Taxes, it has been found that a person who drinks 3-4 cups of coffee has a healthy erection when compared to someone who avoids coffee or tea. So, adding this to your daily meal can improve your condition.

How to keep your Penis Harder erection if your ED is due to Mental Stress  

There may be the prospect that your Erectile Dysfunction may result from stress or anxiety from your everyday life. The focus may also be due to your sex life. So whatever may be the cause, you will have to get rid of it.

During stress, your body undergoes various hormonal changes, which lead increase in the production of hormone cholesterol. This cholesterol also facilitates your risk of encountering anxiety & despair. Multiple studies have already prove that depression & anxiety hurt your sex life.

It reduces your erection quality which leads to poor sexual satisfaction. You can reduce your mental stress by having an honest conversation about your partner’s feelings or working together on a solution. You can also avoid stress and anxiety by listening to music or lightening diffuse essential oil or candles, watching comedy movies, and spending quality and relaxing time with your family.

You can also include yoga & medicine to fight your stress. Herbal supplements can also help you fight stress as it stimulates nerves in the brain that produce relaxing and calm effects.      

Meditation to help you to get and stay longer

You can change your lifestyle to treat erectile dysfunction, but the results may take longer than expected. However, if we combine lifestyle changes with medication, we may get faster and more satisfactory results. Various FDA-approved medicines are available in the market for treating these medical conditions.

These medicines are PDE-5 inhibitors, which increase the blood flow into the Penis. Generally, they come in tablet forms and are advised to take at least 30 minutes before having sex.

Side Effects

Although 100% natural, the VigRX Plus medication can induce migraines in some people. In such circumstances, it is best to stop taking the supplements and consult with a doctor to see if it is safe to continue taking them.

A comfortable physical remedy for erectile dysfunction and men’s sexual dysfunction seems to be a supplement made in FDA-approved facilities. This supplement is still not recommended for youngsters, people with significant illnesses, or anyone taking any medication.


Fildena and Cenforce are some of the most used medicines for treating Erectile Dysfunction. This medicine has approve by FDA and works by regulating blood flow inside your Penis. The effect of these drugs is long sufficient to help you enhance your performance during the act. You can easily purchase this medicine online or offline, as this is available in all leading drug stores.

It does not have any severe side effects and can be consumed by a person of any age suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is advisable to discuss your previous medical conditions with a doctor before consulting with him.

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