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The best guide for safe sex during the COVID-19 pandemic

Making love with your partner, husband or wife is a physical manifestation of love. Still, as soon as the entire world is practicing physical distancing as much as possible, many men and women wonder if they could engage in sexual activities without risks.

But the fact is that in recent times, before the Covid-19 pandemic struck us, we were advised to take proper steps before, after, and while engaging in any sexual activity and revel in safer sex.

This remains important when we engage in sexual relationships. We risk various illnesses or sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

There are several sorts of other intelligence to consider, like ensuring that the protection tools you use like condoms are not damaged at all or talking about each-others sexual health status before participating in the act of lovemaking.

How can I have sex but protect myself away from COVID-19?

The most effective way to get sex is gender with you! Masturbation won’t spread COVID-19, especially if you clean your hands or any sex toys before and after with soap and water.

The next safest is sex with someone who you live with. But if you or your partner display symptoms of COVID-19 or generally feel unwell, it’s advised that you prevent any physical touch and self-isolate for 14 days. This means no gender, no romantic touching, and surely no kissing.

If you want to have sex with a partner outside of your household, you may want to think about having sex using as few partners as you can.

If you do have intercourse, it is advised that you wash before sex and after sexual intercourse. COVID-19 may live on surfaces for hours and so you must wash before you touch with your partner paying additional attention to your hands!

This may be an excellent chance to find new ways of enjoying another or maybe yourself!

What’s Safer Sex?

When people take various kinds of precautions according to their tastes to keep themselves protected from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy, they’re said to be practicing safer sex.

Safe sex is practically impossible and none of those measures give absolute protection and even routine screening for any sexually transmitted illness doesn’t identify a disease immediately.

If you would like safe intercourse, you may also have no sexual intercourse, but being prepared with precautions and being proactive for your sexual well-being and certainly safer sex makes it possible to enjoy a healthier sexual life.

How do I create safer sex easier?

There are a variety of methods to enjoy a more healthful and satisfying sexual life during the pandemic. If you are quarantined alone with no spouse, you will find virtual strategies to get things heated up in your life.

Phone sex, sex sexting, and movie sex can be enjoyed as long as the people consent for this and are willing to participate in it.

Should you reside with your partner ensure that you take the necessary precautions to safeguard yourself from disease and even unwanted pregnancy.

Suppose you would like to keep yourself protected sexually and make sure that you don’t get infected, extending from starting any sexual activity with someone who doesn’t discuss their sexual well-being with you.

Avoid going too near strangers and accept the precautions which are counseled to keep you protected from any infection, sexual or otherwise.

Care during sexual activity in COVID-19.

Kissing can certainly pass the virus: Avoid kissing anyone who is not a part of your small circle of

Close contacts: A virus in stool can enter your mouth and it could cause infection.

Wear a face covering or mask: Maybe it’s something; maybe it is not, however through COVID-19.

Sporting a face covering which covers your nose and mouth is a good way to add a layer of protection during intercourse.

Heavy breathing & panting could spread the disease more, and if you or your partner has COVID-19 & doesn’t understand it, a mask might help stop that spread of the virus.

Ensure it is a bit kinky: Be creative with sexual places and physical obstacles, such as walls, which allow sexual contact while averting close face-to-face contact.

Masturbate together: Use physical space and face caps to reduce the risk.

Is it secure to buy new toys?

It appears that a whole lot of vibrators are on sale. Is that a great time to make the most of a bargain and the extra time on your hands?

Paying electronically is preferable to an in-store purchase: Paying online means nobody is physically handling a credit card or cash. Does your online purchase of a noninvasive vibrator is a “want,” not a “requirement,” that puts someone else at increased risk?

Employees at large warehouses where social distancing is not possible might be at greater risk, especially if they don’t have sick cover, so taking off time if exposed isn’t possible.

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