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How to Build a Relationship Based on Interdependence

Life feels so fruitful when you enter into a relationship. The age of dating ends and you start a new era of committed relationships in your life. It is true for the second or third relationship as well, that is how beautiful a relationship’s impact on human nature is.


Shaping the relationship toward positivity is fundamental. Prepare yourself from the start of your relationship for positive changes from time to time.

It has to be through mutual understanding between partners. And if this ideal condition is achieved it is a smooth, satisfactory, and joyful journey toward a contented relationship. 

The best way to build a relationship is to build it on interdependence. It gives the most effective, healthy, and fulfilling experience in a relationship. 

Definition of Interdependence 

Giving each other respect, and credit, at the same time creating an environment where both the couple can live as individuals in their own right. 

When two partners are so well connected that they both complement each other in every way, being the partner mutually allows each other to grow, and fulfill individual goals and dreams can be called as they are in an Interdependence relationship.

This is the most ideal way for any committed relationship to be. The partners being happy, healthy, and contented with their relationship can do great for their own lives and society in general.

Interdependence relationship is the perfect situation for a couple and the positive effects and outcomes can be seen on their children as well.

Examples of Interdependence Relationships  

The word interdependence explains itself. In a relationship, two people equally depend on each other at the same time as individuals. To give a few examples of interdependence relationships we can say:

  • A couple who don’t ask each other too many questions.

  • A relationship where the couple doesn’t have to give excuses. 

  • Both persons can work on and develop their respective careers. 

  • They both are financially independent and can make decisions on their own. 

  • A couple who have built solid trust in each other.

  • All the decisions are taken mutually.     

  • A couple who don’t force each other to do anything.

  • A couple who respect each other’s border and maintain it all the time.

Interdependence VS co-dependency 

People fail to differentiate between interdependence and co-dependency.

Couples who share an Interdependence relationship are more flexible with each other. They respect each other’s freedom, and space and believe in impartiality.

Co-dependency is the condition where:

  • One person is more dependent on the partner 

  • One partner is not allowed to have their own space

  • Take individual decisions 

  • Work on a personal career 

  • Way too many boundaries to follow for a couple 

  • Insufficient communication 

Understanding a Relationship 

Before you know how to build a relationship based on interdependence, you first should understand what your relationship type is.

It can be known with just simple observations, Ask a few questions yourself:

  • How tolerant you both are with each other?  

  • Do you get angry when your partner wants to spend some time with friends?   

  • Does a partner help and support in building the career of the other partner? 

  • What is the frequency of getting angry at each other? 

  • Do you both make all the decisions together or does one partner lead and the other one follows? 

  • How many times do you both communicate during the busy work day? 

  • How much respect do you give each other and to each other’s in-laws? 

How to build a relationship based on interdependence


Work on Healthiness -both mental and physical 

If you are not healthy and you have mental and physical issues you always be stressed, it will affect your relationship as you will be angry and disappointed all the time. 

Your good health is the most important for your healthy relationship.

Understanding each other’s nature and behavior 

If you don’t know your partner well it is not going to be easy at all. Interdependence is possible when you understand and respect the nature and behavior of your partner. There must be some habits of your partner which you have to know and understand.

That habit could be important for your partner and you have to give your support. If it is a bad habit then help your partner to get rid of it instead of just torturing him/her.

Observe, learn, and implement 

The relationship evolves as you age, your surrounding situations change, you have kids, and so on. 

As the relationship is continuously evolving thing you have to be alert by observing, learning, and implementing what you learn to adjust with your partner.

Go on vacations 

You must spend some valuable time with your partner, this time will work as a great supplement for a healthy relationship. Go on vacation to learn how to be interdependent

When you spend time together you come to understand and realize each other. Two vacations in a year should be a compulsory thing for a couple.

Have a balanced sex life

Balancing sex life includes respecting each other’s mood, time, and availability. Some researchers suggest many relationship ends because of an unbalanced sex life.

When your partner is having issues related to sexual abilities, he needs support. Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation should be addressed as they are very relevant these days. 

In these conditions, CenforceFildena, and Vidalista are the best available medicines in the market. You can buy these medicines with a doctor’s prescription.

Help each other in small work 

Day-to-day household work, shopping for groceries, or handling your pet, millions of work could be divided equally. It is the best way to build interdependency.

Give respect and time 

There is no love where there is no respect; this is the foundation of any relationship. The exchange of respect is the core element for building a relationship based on interdependence

With respect, give time to each other every day. Asking each other how was the day could be a great little thing that creates magic in a relationship. 

Be a problem solver, not a problem discover 

There are going to be problems in life, a couple who is in an Interdependence relationship does not only discuss problems, they rather work together to solve them. This is the way to a healthy relationship.

Bring changes in you 

To build a relationship based on interdependence you need to bring some changes in yourself. While doing so, don’t bring your ego down. The couple has to bring changes to themselves according to the partner’s choices and likings, it has

to be both sides.


Nothing is more beautiful than two people sharing their life in a relationship. For a relationship to last till the end, the health of that relationship has to be strong. The health of the relationship depends on interdependence. To develop an interdependent relationship the couple must trust, respect, and care for each other.

You have to be tolerant and communicative, be the best friend, and change according to the evolving relationship. Interdependence relationship is the best relationship to enjoy life for two people. 

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