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Best and Worst Foods for ED: Your Erectile Health on Your Plate!

Living with erectile dysfunction is a pain in itself. If you’re already suffering from this sexual disorder or recently diagnosed with the same, you may have researched home remedies. Some nominal lifestyle changes are essential and nutrition-rich food comes first. Needless to say, a healthy diet has profound effects on improving the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. As per some research, the quality of food a man eats can delay the onset of erections. Opposite to this, diet plays a crucial role in preventing erectile dysfunction.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the best and worst foods for erectile dysfunction. Before that, we’ll have a look at the basics – what erection is.

Erections in Men: How do they work?

An erection may seem spontaneous and normal for men but underneath, it is a complex process. It takes synchronization of mental and sensory stimulation for an erection to take place as desired. A stronger erection occurs when enough blood fills the penis as a natural response to sexual arousal in males. As the male is sexually aroused, the blood vessels in the pelvic region relax and open, thus filling the penis with blood. As a result, blood is trapped due to high pressure and this causes an erection. It isn’t as simple as it seems!

Do you know? 30+ million men in the US alone are living and struggling with erectile dysfunction. Numerous reasons are responsible for men to suffer from this sexual disorder. The former ones are probably poor lifestyle habits. Being overweight, living with high blood pressure, cholesterol, poor cardiovascular health, diabetes, etc. are to be mentioned a few. Such health issues elevate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and are linked with the sexual disorder.

How does your diet affect your erectile health?

You may wonder if it will even make a difference if you switch from junk food to healthy foods. Well, erectile dysfunction is often linked with a lot of health factors, as discussed above. In certain cases, impotence occurs because of some sensitive health issues while at other times, poor lifestyle choices trigger softer erections. This should give you a blurry idea that the causes determine the treatment and ensure whether impotence will be treated or not. Let us also mention, that erectile dysfunction can also be an alarming sexual health disorder that marks the beginning of some severe health issues.

Overall, the way you’re conscious and careful for your health directs your erectile health too. Your total nutritional intake for the day influences your metabolism, and overall health conditions, and defines your lifestyle habits and erectile health. Remember, “what you sow, so you reap!”. This goes so true when you’re seeking to improve erectile dysfunction. Even if you’re using high-potential oral treatments like Fildena 200, a healthy diet will positively affect your erectile health for sure.

Best foods helping in improving the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

These are some of the many foods that help in minimizing the effects of erectile dysfunction in men. Make sure to incorporate these foods into your daily diet and ensure better erectile health.

  • Veggies – Pick any vegetable and it is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants, on the other hand, have extensive health benefits. In regards to ED, an antioxidant-rich diet accelerates the production of nitric oxide in your body and prevents its breakdown. Nitric oxide is vital for erectile functions. It is the component that relaxes and soothes muscles, thus increasing blood flow towards the penis.

  • Fruits – You can always count on fresh fruits (and not canned fruits!) for increasing nitric oxide levels in your body. Just like vegetables, fruits like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, and grapes are rich in antioxidants. They aid in relaxing and dilating blood vessels and enhance blood flow towards the penis.

  • Nuts – Include nuts in your daily diet, preferably soaked nuts as they’re good for erectile health.

  • Whole grains – Men having a whole-grain-rich diet and limited carbs have a low possibility of suffering from impotence. Besides impotence, whole grains also decrease the risk of diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Try to add 100% whole grain breads, crackers, and cereals to your diet. They’ll add desired amounts of vitamins, fiber, and minerals that also aid your heart health.

  • Legumes/Pulses – Plant-based foods make your body produce more nitric acid and promote blood flow throughout the body. Include beans and lentils with your meals and if you’re not a fan of lentils, hummus can do too!

Besides the above-mentioned food options, chocolate and fish can also help in promoting erectile health.

Worst foods that elevate symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Here are some foods that can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. Have less of them and if possible, don’t have them at all to care for your erectile health.

  1. Refined food (simple carbohydrates)

  2. High sugar diet

  3. Red meat

  4. Processed meat

Effects of Alcohol on Male Impotence

While we’re talking about the best and worst foods for erectile dysfunction, let us not miss out on alcohol. Often, alcohol abuse is the reason behind poor erectile health. Overdoing alcohol as well as alcoholic beverages can affect the ability to get and keep erections men. Though it is looked upon as a stress-reliever and anxiety-killer it can never enhance sex drive in males.

Moreover, alcohol may make the penis feel numb. Looking up to long-term effects, the adversities vary among individuals. However, administering alcohol in small to moderate amounts may not encourage erectile dysfunction. Some research also states that moderate alcohol intake may help prevent ED. On the contrary, heavy alcohol intake can cause increased blood pressure and affect erectile functions.

How to treat erectile dysfunction?

It is essential to make some lifestyle changes, most importantly, you need to switch to a nutritious diet. A healthy meal can be the starting point of good erectile health. You can incorporate little changes in your daily routine to experience the desired results in the long run. Even if you’re using oral remedies like Cenforce 100, Fildena, or other prescription drugs, diet changes are quintessential. Similarly, you need to limit alcohol, smoking, and drug abuse for improved erectile strength. Oral impotence remedies are undoubtedly the legit solutions but such lifestyle changes boost the effectiveness of these medications.

Don’t forget to consult your healthcare provider for further help. In addition, you need to discuss your overall health condition, medical health issues, allergies, surgeries, and more.


As you’ve been through the best and worst foods for erectile dysfunction, you now know what to eat and what to avoid. If you’re already suffering from impotence then make sure you avoid the foods you should not be eating. Also, if you’re not suffering from this sexual disorder, you now have a list of food to eat to improve erectile health. And if you’re willing to use prescription medicines for ED, let us help you with Cenforce, Fildena, Vidalista 40 & many more.

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