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How Small Is Too Small For A Woman?

A good sexual life can ensure a better and healthy relationship. However, men generally are worried about the size of their penis. This even gives them anxiety sometimes. No doubt, at some point in time, you might have already wondered about penis size to know how small is too small for women. But you must know the surprising fact is most women are perfectly happy with the penis size of the guy.

After all, the length of the penis does not actually matter. For the girth and strategies Cenforce, Vidalista will ensure better stimulation and satisfaction.

There have been a lot of studies that have clearly stated that numerous men overestimate the average penis size. But it isn’t actually a priority for women.

Avoid taking pressure and keep yourself calm, as the details here will give you peace of mind.

The average penis size is smaller than men assume

It is known that men enjoy watching porn. In 2016 alone, the industry raked in about $13 billion. But it is important to remember that porn is all fantasy. One of the major fantasies that these porn films portray is those larger penises as normal. It portrays the false idea that women will only get turned on by the way too long erection.

However, the average penis size measures between 4.7 inches to 6.3 inches. This means that 5 inches are natural and perfect. They are incredibly common in men. Like most people do not have the body like a porn star, the average guy does not require an oversized penis to satisfy the partner.

Studies show that the length of the flaccid penis can be about 3.57 inches while the girth will be 3.67 inches. In contrast, when the penis is erected, the average length will be 5.17 inches, and the girth will be 4.58 inches. A penis size of 5 inches is more than enough for women.

In reality, the average size is more than fine for regular girls. In fact, a larger penis can even turn them off. Remember, the depth of the average vagina is only 3.77 inches. So for a lady, a penis of 5 inches is actually adequate. In fact, anything that is longer than that can cause pain during intercourse.

Understanding the size preference of women

The men keep on obsessing about the type of penis or the length of their penis. But studies have shown women do not care. A man might think that his lady is secretly or mentally imagining, but there is a major chance that her mind is on other matters.

In one study, about 85% of the women stated they were completely unaffected by the size of the men’s penis. In contrast, 45% of the men reported they think that penis is on the smaller side. This means that about half of the men are aware of something that most women do not care about in real life.

Further, even when the size actually matters to the woman is of the girth but not the length. This is due to the fact that 75% of women don’t orgasm from simple penetration. This means you won’t get her to have sex with you simply because you have got a bigger dick or the penetration it can bring her.

The majority of the ladies now require clitoris stimulation to get a better orgasm. Guys can get off with friction, but an orgasm is entirely different. The clitoris has about 8000 nerve endings. Many of these can extend 1 to 2 inches in the vaginal canal. When the man goes deeper into the vagina, there will be less sensation for the woman.

In simple words, the women will enjoy more pleasure from what happens outside the vagina but not the action that takes place inside. No doubt, deeper penetration might feel amazing for the guy, but the women are mostly focused on the stimulation of the clitoris and the surrounding area.

Studies have clearly stated that if a man can get an erect penis of 3.5 to 4 inches, then he will be cable of providing great sexual satisfaction to his partner. Any penis size that is 4 inches to 5 inches will be more than enough for having a great sexual life.

What do women prefer?

Women give more importance to the girth of the penis than the length. After all, it will bring her better stimulation and help her reach orgasm. A smaller length penis will be able to move around the clitoris and help enjoy the pleasure longer. But a longer penis can actually result in a painful sexual experience.

No doubt, it is normal for men to think if they can add a few more inches to the penis. After all, they assume women love a long penis, but in reality, things are extremely different.

There have been studies that states about 15% of men want a penis that is longer than seven inches. But it will be of no use. An average man doesn’t have to worry about things during sex. But those when you have got a longer penis will have to worry. They will not want to bump into the cervix of women and cause painful intercourse.

Further, men with a way to long penis will find it difficult to get a condom that will fit. So there is less chance of enjoying pleasurable sex. You might be shocked to know, but larger men also struggle to achieve climax, especially when the partner is small. Whereas women will not be able to organ from penetration. This is why girth actually matters but not the length of the penis.


There is a high possibility that you might have already thought about your penis size at least once in your life. But remember, women, do not care about it. If you are just a one-night stand for her, then there is nothing to worry about or obsess over your size. But the important thing is to know what your partner wants in bed. Remember, there is a higher chance that your penis is more than enough for your partner. Instead of worrying about the same, it will be helpful if you focus on what you have. Themedicinekart will ensure a happy and satisfactory relationship.

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